Rwanda: explore the land of a thousand hills


Ranked by the Gallup Report as Africa’s second safest country, Rwanda’s indicators are impressive and show that for 100,000 residents, the country has on average 2,5 murders per year. That is the lowest crime rate compared to other African countries.

In addition, Rwanda is the least corrupt and cleanest country in Africa. The government introduced a public cleaning initiative where citizens are required to partake in once a month.

After the Rwandan Genocide 25 years ago, the country has been  working hard to reinvent itself economically. With a host of businesses, some of the world’s best coffee and great dining, Rwanda is now capturing tourists who only used to just pass through.

While the country is landlocked, it is famously known for its breathtaking scenery, caustic soils and its quality of tea.

There are over 100 hotels in the city including big names like the Marrriott and The Hilton.

The country is building a good relationship with tourists.

 Rwanda has become the most sought after wildlife destinations due to conservation of its faunas.

Must-do experiences in Rwanda:

Coffee tasting

Internationally Rwanda is regarded as the best coffee in East Africa, it ranks amongst the best globally. They export nearly 99% of their coffee. When you head there, try Shokola Café, a trendy spot in the city of Kigali.


The people of Rwanda are known for their sense of style and always looking well represented. So when you are exploring the city make sure you look sharp. Pop in at the Kimoronko Market in Kigali for some colourful fabrics. You will even spot a few clothing items you might like at the market.

Street Art

When you are travelling around the city you will see bright artworks on the walls with positive messages. There are boutique shops where you can buy the local art and crafts like the Go Kigali Boutique .

Gorilla trekking

Rwanda has three main wildlife destinations. Volcano National Park, Nyungwe Forest National Park and Akagera National Park. Mountain gorilla is found within these parks.

Every day, a group of eight people are allowed to spend an hour with the gorillas. Mountain gorilla is one of the major reasons travellers visit Rwanda. Surely you would want to experience it too!

With so many good things about Rwanda mentioned above, from being the safest, cleanest country to having the best coffee in the world. Why would not want to include it on your travel bucket list?

Visit Rwanda quickly before the crowd arrives!


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