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There is something about this place that makes you want to try it out. Located in one of the safest suburbs in Johannesburg, this was spot I had to visit – I mean, why does everyone come here for after-work drinks?

When you first get a look at it, you can’t help but wonder how a such a small place can have such a vibrant energy but then you figure it out – it’s quite spacious once you are inside. On our entry we were welcomed by the General Manager Sam, who made sure we were comfortable throughout our stay. Lovely and a happy soul that will definitely give you a very gratifying time there.

Gin and Tonic | Photo credit: Lorraine Masemola

We began our trip down the rabbit hole with Spritzers. Called the Social Spritz with pure mixture Aperole, a great favourable taste coming from an orange, vanilla and a delightful sparkling wine. It wasn’t long before I opted for the Gin and Tonic mix with pure vanilla and strawberry. Not my choice but something I wanted to try since I was promised a wow factor, and it was delivered! The taste is nothing like I’ve had before. A sensual and yet not too overpowering. Nothing out of the ordinary but everything blended well together. Like a good date on a Friday night.

If you are a chilled person then this is an amazing place for you to hang out at. With their variety of chilli and non-chilli flavoured menu to choose from. An attempt worth trying for the first timers too.

Korean fried chicken with hot sauce_clucking good. Bacon and cream cheese Jalapeno peppers. Salt and pepper calamari and lime aioli | Photo credit: Lorraine Masemola

My first attempt had to be the chicken wrapped in a full length hot jalapeño and goat cheese and a small pinch taste of bacon, a very blend taste but delicious. Not much was put in there if need to say ‘anything was put in there.’ Try it together with the Korean fried chicken with hot sauce, a good burning sensation coming from there. A big bang on the lips, a very seething hot feeling and well-done to perfection.

Rib eye, Chips, Onion rings and mushroom sauce | Photo Credit: Lorraine Masemola

Second choice was my main, it came with a lot of curiosity. If I had made a great choice. More of fear, my mouth was on fire but was still craving some deliciousness, with the simple choice of a well incorporated enjoyable flavour coming from the juicy rib-eye and the cheesy flavour mushroom sauce, the big onion rings and chips. I Definitely knew I had made a gratifying choice. Well perfected as though the chef knew that with every mixture and spice should be counted. With great taste and sauce coming from the steak I should say that I was beyond amazed. The 12 giant bucket peri peri smoked wings with blue cheese dip was something I really couldn’t resist. As much as the mouth was burning a desire still lust in me and refused to stop indulging myself in them. Well-done and very appetizing for customers sharing.

The atmosphere quickly set off. The mood quickly switched on. The place got crowded fast and there was a very hyped mood by the customers who walked in. A great place to just unwind and enjoy the busy crowd. With customers coming in numbers and others just outside enjoying the nice weather, I definitely should advise that you do pop by and experience this moment. Hopefully not a last but a definite turn around will happen soon.

Banoffee chocolate waffle, glazed bananas, salted caramel and espresso ice cream. Crack cake cone, sugar cone, sponge cake, choc chip mint ice cream cone and other mental things | Photo Credit: Lorraine Masemola

Now the dessert was just beyond words. What a beautiful way to end the day. With just an extraordinary taste to it, the chocolate waffle and ice cream and half fried banana was something to look forward to. Amazing and perfectly done. A very rich, smooth and busy taste in the tongue. Not forgetting the tasteful crack cake cone, sugar cone, sponge cake, choc chip mint ice cream cone and other mental things. A definite way to end the burning sensation.

With the fun and most memorable time spent here, I should be amongst the people that say, this is definitely a place where I can call my second home. This venue really makes you feel as though you are home and enjoying an intimate time with friends/colleagues and family. Catering all ages even children who would also love to try their friendly non-chilli burgers are catered for. Again I say thank you to the wonderful service and great dining experience.

Service: 4/5 beautiful people who know how to come by and check if everything is going well.

Food: 5/5 a trip worth visiting again

Price range: from just a minimum of R65 to R360 affordable and great value for money.


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