Review: Marriott Hotel Kigali


It was my first time in Kigali and I was taking in the sights, sounds and smells of this beautiful city. I marvelled at everything like a ten year old in a candy store. It only made sense to spend my first night in the city at a familiar place – Marriott.

Checking In:

Checking in took awhile – it was a busy night. But I got to sit at one of the couches in the lobby (instead of the front desk like the others). I love good over-the-top service! So the wait was worth it. The lobby seemed unnecessarily big. But as I pondered on it more, I figured, hosting corporate events – this area would suit nicely. But then again, how often does that happen in these sort of places?


I got a double standard room. Two beds just for me? Why, you shouldn’t have! The room was neat, modern and soothing thanks to blond-wood panelling, a pale colour scheme and decent sound-proofing – I can’t hear the traffic at all!


As a luxury hotel, an English breakfast is expected. I was however delighted by the buffet area. With fruit and treats I’d never seen before but looked delicious. Because time was not on my side (had an early morning), I grabbed what I could and dashed out the door. The fruit was so fresh and juicy, coffee was strong and aromatic. I would have loved to have spent more time there and see what else they have to offer.

I was impressed by the decor on the walls – from artistic paintings of Rwandan people to handmade reed baskets (proud to say my grandmother taught me how to make them as a child- not easy!!). I love how they brought their unique culture to an straight cut international brand.

It’s everything you’d expect. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s a cut and paste of every other Marriott which has its pros and cons. I’d recommend it for the cut and paste business traveller who needs nothing more than a stylish roof over their head while they work. This is the place to stay when the company is paying!


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