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Social on Parkwood is a singular, spacious yet intimate and rather creative space clad in various shades of the African dream. Social on Parkwood is a lot like how I hope heaven will be; a sort of tasteful, colourful VIP room, away from the riff-raff, with a nook full of vintage cognacs.

With specific colour coordination, a bright and unique colour scheme the restaurant was given a really awesome touch and fantastic atmosphere.

We jotted down memory lane from being by the first restaurant in Bryanston (Social on Main) to the one in Rosebank (Social on Parkwood). The restaurant has been revamped and has introduced a new gem in one of the best cities in Johannesburg. 

The revamp that took place at Corner Bolton Road and Jan Smuts Avenue Parkwood, Rosebank. The one city that never misses a beat and never blinks. This hyped suburb area is well known for their art and its busy corners. Ask anyone about Rosebank and they will definitely tell you that it is one place to be at if you are looking for a night out life.

Definitely, something I wanted to experience all over again, the memory is still fresh and the food there will make your saliva twitch. There could be no excuse for the mouth-watering food that is served with explicit fragility.

Cured and seared beef, Avocado Fritters

A visit wouldn’t be proper if there wasn’t anything to break the ice. The amazing Pornstar martini gave me some good punch on the tongue. With the vanilla infused vodka, fresh passion fruit, cranberry juice and a shot of bubbly. This drink can definitely give you some energy.

With moderate thought and just excitement running. My tummy was in for a feast of the century. Asking what really can I order from the menu, the waiter simply said, start with the cured and seared beef, which is a tenderly stripped beef, avo, and burnt miso. There is this inexpressible taste, the ponzu dressing with pickled ginger, the sweet and sour taste that leaves a tingling touch on the tongue. Not much was put in it, but it was just something to definitely enjoy for sure. Add a harsh mix of the Cabernet Sauvignon and wait to be swept into dreamland.

Combined in a separated dish, the fresh and juicy Avocado fritters, beer battered avo and chipotle mayo. With one dip fried and dipped in bread crumbs have that elegant texture. Now this one I can recommend to anyone who is an avocado lover and just obsesses about it. A very crunch and scrumptious taste coming from it, I truly want to say leave me alone.

Lamb shank

Settling for the second dish I had to go for two options because even though the starter was filling, I’m rest assured that it has left some room for more. I guess my hunger for this restaurant really picked up an appetite. There’s nothing savoury as a well-cooked to perfection lamb with dried tomatoes to complete a local recipe. The Lamb shanks, with pap, Chakalaka and Smokey tomato sauce. shuffles and biltong pap. The lamb was done as though it was boiled in the wee hours of the morning in the slow cooker. To slowly induce the red blood from the inside. The biltong pap really blew me off, with perfectly soft, biltong.

The main course left me speechless, the beautiful presentation and most definitely a welcoming lust to the S’African fried chicken marinated in Amasi, peri-peri fried chicken breast, coriander lime and chili mayo, 85 slaw, and sweet potato fries was something that really puzzled my memory. This specific dish has just made me sit down, throw my hands around and ask why the Chef would torture me with such a mouth-watering feast. The well-done stripped chicken breast clearly knew its way around my taste buds. Leaving me jollying around and reminiscing as to how such presented dish can leave me spinning with joy and silent laughter.

S’African fried chicken

I really couldn’t feast on anything anymore, my colleague and I just sat there, just gazing up at the ceiling. A good place, with great taste in everything.

Price range: R140 Average

Service: 5/5 beautiful place with warm waiters that definitely know how to lift up your mood.

Food: 5/5 a trip never wasted as this restaurant definitely knows what a great meal is.


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