My Unforgettable Trip to Marrakech


There is surely no policy for wanting to try something different every day. There is surely something interested in Africa and its beautiful people.

I mean why else would Morocco be the most visited country? The best things are well done when you are literally standing on the four grounds of Morocco. Being here I must say, I know I made the right choice, nothing could have lifted my mood more like standing on these grounds and exuberating the fresh air of this country.

After landing at one of the international airports in Marrakech, I hopped in my taxi whilst heading to my destination called the Riad Chayma where I can say it wasn’t five stars but it did the trick. Although I should give a tip that if you are looking for more of transport and proper excursions that will not hesitate to sweep you off your feet, then booking yourself in proper 5-star hotels, they will be more than happy to assist you there.

Start your journey anywhere and let me warn you, ‘don’t forget about going back home’ I almost lost my flight because of how welcoming the country gave me. There is really never a bad time to visit this country, I mean any time is a good time. But the best time to visit the country is during April and May/September to November, the country’s shoulder seasons.

Starting my first day at the Café de La Poste. Café De La Poste is one of the most famous café shops around this block. I just had some pastry and hot chocolate coffee and just looking and seeing how it feels to be in an unfamiliar country and what there is to offer around this heavy buzz. Not too busy nor crowded just a civilized area where you can just dot down even read a book whilst enjoying the calm surrounding around you.

The second day, I jotted down to the secret garden where I Had a great time with the outdoor activity with just everything that has to do with nature. So, if you live in a resort in Marrakech, especially one that does not offer a tour guide is a bit tricky, but with a lot of freedom. All mistakes and knowledge are best taught when you experience something alone.

The third day must have been something I wanted to try out especially just test the waters with. I hear that as a woman you need to dress in a certain way that literally covers you up. So, I just pulled my confidence and went for a more outgoing kind of outfit. I was at the end of the day just going out and enjoying myself at one of the best restaurants around Marrakech, the Dinner at Azaar was something to look forward to, and most definitely not regretting my choice of outfit. Everyone is a free spirit and just calm.

There are a lot of things to do in Morocco and I should say that the 5 days there were more than little. But I had seen and experienced Marrakech side and I should say I was more than happy to have done the trip. A complete eight to ten days may have been far better to see and see more of what Marrakech had in offer.

Located in the beautiful and most scenic places where you really don’t know how to escape to Ouzoud falls day trip from the Marrakech, a very pleasant place filled with lots of waterfalls and a lot of hiking. Admiring the place is one underrated statement. Travel via air-conditioned vehicles and admire the 360 foot (110 meters), one of the pleasant things you can find just roaming freely are the Barbary apes. Enjoy a meal whilst looking at the waterfall and admiring the most pleasant parts of mother nature.

My best part and the most favoured was the camel riding. Also located outside of Marrakech, the 3 days Moroccan trip into the Morocco dessert and streaming through the different sites of the desert, whilst peacefully listening to the travel guide preach about how amazing this place can be true.

Water sport is something one will have to look forward to, after the heavy feel of sand gushing in your face, that can be something to cool you. Right after bathing/showering of cause.


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