My Epic Road Trip to Swaziland


Traditional culture, wildlife, and awe-inspiring scenery all mingle together with Swaziland’s fresh mountain air, conjuring up a heady concoction of sensory pleasure that is deeply pleasing to the soul. Although tiny, the Kingdom of Swaziland packs a powerful punch, with a host of things to keep visitors busy. Here are some of the highlights.

With lots to do, I was prepared to do a road trip with my friend who is actually a tour guide and a local of beautiful Swaziland.

The country may be the smallest of the Southern Hemisphere of South Africa, but then it also has lots to offer and has the most amazing spots to just have a picnic and to take a few photo shoots. I mean in the wild, obviously. Something scary but safe.

Wild Lion Photo: The Aspiring Gentleman

Eswatini will be launching its very first explosive event and the country believes that this way it will be attracting many tourists coming to the country. Having the privilege of meeting the man of the show himself, Msimisi Dlamini, who is as excited as everyone. One of our freelancers were lucky to have had the opportunity of meeting the man and asking him where and how he believes the event will prosper well – not only for this year but the following years to come.

The event will feature award-winning fireworks and a great line up of the world-famous musical celebrities. The developer of the Dwaleni Farm lodge in Manzini, Msimisi Dlamini said that the event is yet to spark the interesting lives of how Swati people live and celebrate their customs and celebrations. The event will be annually and with high hope that the event will become a great spin-off, whilst benefitting the country’s hospitality industry.

“More than an experience, this is a festival with the goal of becoming a world-class event that attracts global recognition and support – a way of luring tourist into the country, as well as a means of showcasing eSwatini’s attractions,” said Dlamini

Dwaleni Fireworks Photo: Kingdom of Swaziland

Fireworks for Africa will be presenting the fireworks for the event, with lots of entertainment to be enjoyed. Cuisine, music and children’s activities. The menu will represent a cultural diversity between – Swati, Chinese, Portuguese and Indian, with game meat. Tourists and locals can expect a wide variety of day worth living, with quad biking, jumping castle and more for children to enjoy.

The festival (Xplosion) aims to reach to a vast audience of all ages. Despite being the smallest Southern Hemisphere country, Botswana aims to attract a variety of Tourist with its beautiful scenic views and activities.

Dwaleni Farm lodge is located in Swaziland at the Dwaleni road, people can expect freedom of life and just a moment of happiness and people gathering around each other and embracing each other’s difference. The vision for the itinerary is that it brings strangers together sharing warm smiles and adventure.

With exceptional places to see and experience as you are still in the country, explore the Hlane Royal National park, Lombamba had to be my favorite. The love these people give, the free life they live and the Ubuntu they show you is just beyond words. Whilst gathered around the fire, we could never imagine the beautiful story and history the country has. We read about it, yes, but this time it was different and the words are spoken from the man himself, Sabelo Owethu really gave us something to think about and look forward to when going back home.

After our day listening to the beautiful story shared from the local man, we had to venture into some more wildlife activity. The Mbuluzi game reserve was just one of those relaxing days out with the game reserve and just looking at the beautiful views and the sunset. Stopping by to take photos whilst staring ahead at the orange sun setting was something beyond words, unimaginable and yet the most fulfilling moment ever.


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