La Pentola: Restaurant with a scrumptious taste.


Photos: Mapaseka Sekgala. La Pentola, Pretoria

There are not enough words to describe the diverse menu offered by La Pentola. It’s a ragingly modern restaurant determined to feed you with the seriously good stuff, until you slump back and say, enough already.



The first three course meal being the starter was fulfilling, more to an imagination that wanders in the field with no reasoning. The Cape fusion is my favourite. The pure simplicity of strawberry, salmon, almonds, cheese and lemon laced with honey. A perfect change between the sour and sweet flavours which complement each other and leave this lasting mint strawberry hint on the tongue. A definite must repeat and recommended. It’s one of those dishes that you think about when you wake up the next day.

The Cape Fusion

Outback crocodile

As for the scrumptious mushroom and caper which had this amazing deep flavour that simply kicks straight in. There are two scones , big enough for two people sharing. Combine it with either the Cape fusion, outback crocodile tail with curry or just simply the Huckleberry Haloumi and wait to be moved.

The Outback crocodile with curry was delicious even though it was my first time having it. The meat was tender and soft, easy in the mouth. It perfectly blended in with all the flavours in the curry.

As for the appetizer, the Huckleberry Haloumi I must say, that, I enjoyed to perfection. The hake and strawberry perfectly complemented each other well both having that sweetened and tangy effect with the extra kick of the lemon. Not forgetting the little bit of the extra after taste of the mint was just wonderful.

The standout dish for the starter would most preferably be the Cape Fusion as the dish came with different textures, and a vibrant colour. The salmon was yet not too salty but prepared to excellence with the little pinch of salt and with the extreme kick of the cheese that settled the sweetness from the strawberry.

Main course

On the main course the food delighted the mood even more. The Grilled steak with brandy flame was beyond exciting to see and even yet better eating. The meat was done to perfection, not well-done but yet medium-rare and tender good.

Our main course, Hermanus sole.

L-R: Nomad Africa Magazine Journalist Lorraine and Content Creator, Mapaseka at the La Pentola Restaurant in Pretoria, South Africa.

The meal took an unexpected twist when combined with the famous home-made sauce called the (Fillet San Antonio). The sauce has a combination of KWV brandy served with Dijon mustard, braised onion, garlic, bay leaf and green Madagascan peppercorn, tomato cream sauce. These two combinations actually lift each other up and leave the steak to actually grab the bit and pieces from the sauce carefully combining the two and corresponding together well in the mouth.

Penne Willow was made with a lot of delicacy as though Chef Richard Maluleke was patient with it. A great juicy soft mixture of Cashew nuts, sun dried tomatoes, fresh basil and a pinch of chilli with the final touch of wine bound with cream and a touch of tomato. This special combination was perfected by the chef himself of which I applaud him for the excellent juicy penne dish. The dish was named after Chef Shane’s daughter who is currently sixteen.

Of course a mouth-watering meal for two to share wouldn’t be a meal if it was not for the fine grilled soul (Hermanus sole, house speciality) with a combination of prawns, calamari, mussels , garlic, basil sauce bound with fresh cream was indescribable. A faultless way to end the day and obviously a doggy bag will do you good.



The special Haute Cabriere, Pinot Noir reserve 2015 went well with the grilled steak. Being too delicate, perfectly commenting the steak. It had this woody texture yet also smooth to the tongue.


You can choose from a non-alcoholic drink or an alcoholic drink. Berry Royal (Non-alcoholic drink): A mixture of all berries. You can taste every blend of the ingredient in your mouth. From the Strawberry, cherry, pineapple, cranberry, passion fruit and Appletiser that was just delicious. A mouth-watering cocktail drink that accompanies each other slides on the tongue, where it has a last minute taste of the strawberry.


Chocolate Terrin

If you have a sweet tooth, ask specifically for the Legendary La Pentola Chocolate Terrine. You will not be disappointed with the choice – Decadent milk, white and dark chocolate terrine. The chocolate terrine was lip-smacking; one can never go wrong with chocolate. The ice-cream softly melts in your mouth both having that heavy dark chocolate softly balancing the two with the light white chocolate. Mixed with the Crème Brule you would want to ascend into heaven. The dessert came with a tasteful emotion that takes you back to kindergarten. The crème brulee is a match made in heaven, soft delicate and very tasty.

Creme brule.


La Pentola has a service you would not get from any other ordinary restaurant. The place has the most extraordinary beautiful staff members that pay attention to their customers. Thank you highly to Sandra for the awesome service you and your staff members catered us with. On towards the entrance you are welcomed by the receptionist and in-going the, restaurant is actually big enough.

Our waiter was Riley and our Chef was Richard Maluleke. The food was well presented and cooked to perfection. The environment was welcoming not too dark yet accommodating.


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