Dining in the Pool: Bowl’d Restaurant


I wanted to experience they bowl’dness in bowl’d. I wanted to see what they had to offer since I have been hearing a lot about them.

A centric place to just chill and enjoy the great outdoor activities. A good place to be, and at an affordable price. You’ll never want to be anywhere if you have experienced the kind of atmosphere given at the Bowl’d restaurant. Just located in Sandton at the Masingita towers, Morningside, Johannesburg where you have easy access to transport and the mall.

The restaurant sits an approximation of 260 guests and can host private events and has a vast variety of the Mediterranean, Asian and African cuisine that is careful prepared for you from scratch.

There is a safe parking for guests and visitors. It has a big open space, with enough light coming through all directions.

Having done the researched on the dress code being smart casual. We were unfortunate to have dined in the cold, otherwise I think it would have been exciting to enjoy the food in the pool on a hot summer day. Even though the weather wasn’t on our side, we sure didn’t want to miss the opportunity of at least trying it.

With just the champagne to best celebrate the wonderful experience of dining inside the swimming pool and enjoying life to the full. I had to pop the Veuve Clicquot Rosé bottle that came with an aromatic intensity. The best part when ordering is they give you recommendations on what would best go with it and what your allergies are.

The first starter, sushi was just appetizing. They call it the caterpillar California roll 4 p which comes in this long line. Something I really never thought I would enjoy. The taste and soft texture was just beyond statement. I’m just beyond words worth how delicious the sushi could be. Rolled in just cream cheese which had a light feel to it, tempura fried prawn, mashed avocado, rice, deluxe and eel sauce. Some sushi’s are just plain and lack colour and taste. But this specific one had colour, taste and texture. I should just say I am beyond amazed.

We had an interesting waiter who simply made us laugh to our comfort. The staff here is surely well-presented and care for waitstaff. Now one of the things I am sure most guests visiting would appreciate is a glass of water, where there is no need to remind the waiter time to time. The waiter was able to come and ask time to time if we were sorted and if we need more water or something to drink.

The second meal, (main course) was the very rich mouthwatering juicy lamb chops with spaghetti and half cooked veggies. A vegetarian dish good for the people who want to indulge in a slim, but filling course. Lamb chops are just beyond delicious. With just honey and soy glazed lamb chops, egg noodles, bell peppers, bok choi, and mint yoghurt. This definitely would hit the right taste buds.

Someone did say that a little effort in something is better then no effort at all. This time the dessert beat me, it had a strong punch of cocoa. A very dark and heavy taste from the cocoa. Hard to swallow but very well-presented. With mixed ingredients such as the Crispy pumpkin nests, chocolate cloud & coriander peanut praline. Although it may have been someone else’s favourite, I really couldn’t finish it. But do opt for the red velvet, now I have to say that this one had all the different yet complementary taste to it. With just the beetroot chocolate meringue cake with buttermilk snow, fresh mascarpone & amarena cherries one can never go wrong.

Dining in the pool was perfect and very much relaxing. The restaurant does carter for the vegetarian and at an affordable rate for just R40 US$2,83 in all plates per person. One can just come down near the Sandton city and indulge themselves in a very sophisticated and a classy environment to be around.

Time to time most restaurants promise you heaven and service you with nothing. With no promise but a clear delivery on all well-perfected and presented plates. Bowl’d restaurant does truly stand towards its name. A very big thank you to Kelly and her staff members for gladly welcoming us with a great smile. I should rather say that they really truly live by their slogan; boldness in bowls – because everything about this place is a must come experience and sit and taste.

Service: 5/5 is one for them. Excellent service, with keen eye to details, suggestions and recommendations.

Food: 4/5 with the best food in the city.

Price range: 5/5 R40 per individual good value for money.


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