Coco Der Mer Boutique Hotel


When searching online for a hotel, you find the words like “luxury”, “boutique” or a number of “stars” thrown around and these can deceive sometimes, but with Coco Der Mer Boutique Hotel this was not the case. It matched its exact description online.

Set in the North Coast of KwaZulu Natal, Ballito, Coco Der Mer Boutique hotel is ideally located in a coastal area within a short distance from the Indian ocean.

Checking in

Your initial encounter tells you a lot about the place you are staying. The spectacular landscape design immediately caught my attention as I was walking in.

 The organic yet modern design blends perfectly with the surrounding environment. The entrance boasts of a mature garden featuring a pond. I was totally impressed!

When I walked into the lobby, I could not help but admire the interior at the reception. I was greeted with a cheerful and genuine smile. The check-in was smooth and easy. The staff was extremely friendly which made me comfortable.


I got a sea-facing room and the view was just spectacular! It was paradise, I wished I could stay there forever. The furnishes are luxurious with a fusion of creative interior design.

The room was neat and spacious, the beds were comfortable. I could hear the birds singing from the lush green trees by the window. What more could a girl ask for?


I had a long night’s peaceful sleep that I woke up a bit late in the morning, but not too late to miss breakfast. A fulfilling meal at the Fiamma Grill restaurant to kick start what was going to be a long day for me is exactly what I needed.

The smell of freshly brewed coffee and a juicy bowl of fruits gets me excited all the time!

I quickly had to dash out for my first appointment.

After a long, busy day, relaxing by the pool deck for sundowners was the only thing I wanted to do.

Just before dinner, I decided to take a stroll around the hotel and check it out. I hopped into the spar to have a look and I was greeted by amazing scents. Dipped my toes in the pool, took a short in the backyard. Soothing I tell you!

The Fiamma Grill has the best prawns. They were juicy and meaty; the first bite took me to heaven and back.

Their sweet, buttery flavour with just a hint of nuttiness had me saying “mmmm” on that table.

While many would judge the quality of the hotel by expensive room rates. But as a matter of fact, one of the signifiers of a truly fine hotel should be a simple hassle-free booking, excellent service and great food.

Coco Der Mer boutique hotel ticked all these boxes and a whole lot more!

Their attention to detail, precision to making guests feel comfortable is incredible. Highly recommend it for travellers interested in relaxation, sunshine and atmosphere. It was worth every cent!


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