Best Places to Eat in Alexandria

Alexandria is Egypt’s second largest city and was founded by Alexander the Great around 331 BC. The capital of Egypt during Roman, Hellenistic and Byzantine periods, it has a rich culture and history and a great seaside location. It’s only right to take a tour of the city and find out the best places to relax and indulge in the finest foods while adoring the ageless history.
Abou Fares

Known for delicious Syrian specialties, this restaurant offers indoors seating and a lovely patio to sit outside. Make sure you try their koftas and the popular beef shwarma. The restaurant also offers a home delivery service if you don’t have time to stop and eat at the restaurant.

Foul Mohamed Ahmed

If you want to sample authentic Egyptian food head to Foul Mohamed Ahmed. In this busy self-service restaurant, you can pick your own falafel, fried cheese, and salads among other specialties. People come here especially for the foul; a breakfast dish made of fava beans stewed with tahini and seasoned with lemon, garlic, and cumin.


Kadoura is one of the best seafood restaurants in Alexandria. You can take your pick from a varied selection of fresh fish and the skilled chefs will cook it straight away. Aside from the rich variety of seafood dishes, the menu also features rice and pasta dishes, and some salads made using traditional ingredients and sauces.

Mussel | © memyselfaneye / Pixabay

Mussel | © memyselfaneye / Pixabay

Greek Club

If you want to enjoy beautiful views of the legendary Alexandria bay as you relax and drink a glass of wine, the Greek Club is the place to go. The terrace is an ideal setting to have a meal in the evening. Ask for your fish to be cooked in the Greek style; oven baked with lemon, olive oil, and oregano.

Malek es-Seman

A small courtyard and clothes market during the day, an open-air restaurant at night, Malek es-Seman is famous for cooking quail in many different ways. In the restaurant, birds are served grilled, roasted or stuffed, and they are served with six different salads and bread. When you visit you should give their homemade beer a try.

Alexandria Egypt Eastern Harbor right | © @bastique / Wikipedia

Alexandria Egypt Eastern Harbor right | © @bastique / Wikipedia

Tikka Grill

At Tikka you can watch the boats come and go while you eat. The restaurant is situated next to the fish market and offers views of the bay, excellent service, and amazing food, with a variety of delicious seafood dishes.


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